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Quick loans aid from your financial confidante London loans bank

Bad credit loans

Are you in a fix to discern if you should get loan help to overcome the crisis? Your unpreparedness is a clear indication that your cash reserve is empty. Without any delay, you can straightaway type “quick cash loans near me” as the easiest way to reach out to LondonLoansBank.

Our lending services can be a blessing to anyone strapped for cash and unable to find the right financing alternative. Since our process does not result in undesired layovers, you can get quick loans in the UK as the solution. We do not bother you to undergo credit assessments that are part of the traditional lending approach.

As a direct lender, we have refreshed our outlook to extend our financial support regardless of credit history and capability to fulfil popular obligations of mainstream lenders. Our services like instant loans are available online on guaranteed approval, provided your recent handling of payments is convincing. In addition, you must accomplish the loan eligibility target to enhance your chances of acceptance.

Your financial interest concerns us the most. For this reason, we have curated loans that are functional in myriad ways.

  • Settle up utility bills
  • Clear off credit card dues
  • Manage money to purchase a gadget
  • Pay up the hospital bills
  • Meet the school or college fees of wards
  • Sponsor home repairs

Best online personal loans to match your needs

Here, we are not limited to offering some very common and specific loan options. We use personal financing services as an umbrella term to deliver loans of different shapes and sizes. Our loan offerings can be perfect for other occasions, given you choose loans for the right purpose.

With us, getting doorstep loans 4 unemployed is also a possibility. This funding provides a safe and secure way to fetch extra cash during unemployment and without leaving home. You can find diverse alternatives in one place.

No credit check loans

We have set up this provision of offering loans without a heavy assessment. We know such checks will not help us validate your financial potential.

Therefore, your journey with us will be less hectic as a simple soft search is enough to decide if we should approve no credit check loans.

12 month loans

Repayments often become stressful when you get a brief time period to make it happen.

We are not just offering repayment flexibility but also letting you take out 12 monthly loans with bad credit and no guarantor from a direct lender, i.e. us.

1000 pound loans

If you are looking forward to borrowing up to £1000 as a personal loan, we have you covered. We have the exact loan option available to suffice any short-term requirement.

It does not matter what your needs would look like. We try to present a loan option that complements your needs.

Student loans

You can get in touch with us if you want financial support to continue your studies further.

Through us, getting student loans in the UK is not at all difficult. We will make the repayment manageable to let you complete your degree without hassle.

Fast loans for bad credit- A real miracle for you!

We will let you borrow money with bad credit. We do not separate borrowers based on their credit scores. Your credit history will have a lowkey significance in our lending process. In short, we welcome loan applications from bad creditors also.

Your past financial performance leading to low credit scores, is insignificant to us. We are more inclined towards unveiling your present financial capacity. It can only assure us of the possibility of getting your loan money back. Here, your affordability accounts for a positive response from our end.

Our lending structure focuses on amplifying opportunities for you by relying on the following features.

How Loans work

Purpose-built loan options: We can provide cash loans to your door for the unemployed despite knowing your jobless status. You cannot expect such a provision from a traditional lender. We always give preference to borrowers’ requirements before creating different loan services.

Practical rates: We will not fix a random or common interest rate for every borrower. We are aware of the pocket size of the loan applicant. For this reason, we make it a point to offer loans at a competitive price so that one can easily pay for them.

Smooth navigation: Our website allows user-friendly navigation. Besides, our processes are also swift in nature. It will enable us to hand over quick loans on the same day itself to any borrower who is facing cash crunches.

Liberation from hefty formalities: You will be happy to know that 12-month payday loans need no guarantor. We do not like the idea of turning the act of borrowing into a burdensome formality. We have eased off many conditions to make opportunities accessible for different types of borrowers.

How getting short-term loans from A Direct lender is beneficial?

Do you wish to get small loans from a direct lender? We can fulfil your desire provided you know the exact benefits you have been looking for in a financing option. Fret not if you are a little clueless! We always try hard to meet your expectations with the advantages that we can offer.

  • Swift loan disbursal

    You will just have to wait 15 minutes to get loan related decision from our end. Normal lenders will never act as fast as us.

    • We are familiar with the type of emergency you might run into
    • We make sure not to drag our processes to the extent that can omit the purpose of borrowing
  • No collateral commitment

    We offer small payday loans to bad credit borrowers without demanding any collateral.

    • We know that a person who is already struggling with bad credit might not be able to satisfy the additional requirement of collateral
    • Such a provision aims at facilitating tenants and non-homeowners who do not have costly assets to offer as security
  • High chances of approval

    We cannot commit to approving the loan straightaway. On the other hand:

    • We can take care of the vital aspects that can improve the chances of approval for anyone
    • We encourage you to borrow according to your capability and to try hard to get your credit scores back on track
  • Equal opportunity for all

    We will not leave behind anyone experiencing a tough time in business and needing help.

    • Small businesses, i.e. start-ups, can get loans from us
    • We will accept your self-employed income to confirm if you can make it to on-time repayment of loans

Are you ready to Apply fast cash online?

Attending to any financial matter is a quick affair once you approach us for assistance. We will never hold your application for too long, as we believe in providing speedy financing. We have combined a few fast and precise procedures to let you complete all the formalities in no time.

Our three-step application process is the most surprising element of our services. You can experience it on your own.


Fill out
the form

It is easy to come up to the application page from any of our pages. You can finish the steps to apply by adding details in a few fields.


Wait for our reaction

Submit the application upon its completion. It will let us examine your details. Since we need fewer details to process your request, you can expect a quick reply from our end.


Obtain money on the go

The eligibility criteria here are not too difficult to meet. We have exempted you from the usual compulsions. It will easily lead to approval, which will finally result in a quick money transfer.

Why Choose Londonloansbank?

We strive hard to live up to your expectations in the best possible ways. This reflects our constant endeavour to produce feasible loan offers that fit your budget and meet your necessities. You can look forward to getting a comprehensive approach from our end as:


Throughout support

You can feel free to contact us for any queries or confusion. We will be ready to help you out in every possible way. You can seek our guidance at any point in time.


Smart lending

We keep our services up-to-date. In addition, we also concentrate on making the best use of technology to deliver the outcomes that our borrower wants.

safe secure

100% security assured

If you want your loan request to go ahead, you must provide valid details to us. The safety of your data is our priority, and we will take the necessary precautions to ensure it.

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