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Bad Credit Loans on Instant Approval FromLONDON LOANS BANK

Bad credit loans

Financial needs arise, and sometimes they are predictable and sometimes not. You may not have ample funds all the time also help from friends and family may also not be available all the time. If you have a bad credit score, then mainstream lenders can also act as a complicated option due to their decided lending policies that do not change.

In such circumstances, direct lending can be the desired support. LondonLoansBank, a direct lender, offers short-term instant loans irrespective of credit score status. It means you can apply despite your bad credit situation. We want to see a good repaying capacity, and then you can borrow funds easily.

An approval decision is instant, and fund transfer occurs online and on time right after accepting the application. To be eligible to apply, you just need to have residence proof. For that, we need your name to be on the electoral roll with the latest address on it.

A Reliable Bad Credit Lender To Offer All Types Of Loans

Despite a poor credit situation, varied loans show our speciality, as we follow a practical approach that depends on the latest repaying capacity. We are always in favour of the borrowers who want to borrow funds and have a satisfactory capacity to pay instalments. For all sorts of short-term requirements, we have different kinds of loans. The money through a speedy procedure gives the relief and commitment of timely help.

The loans we offer are – Guaranteed loans, 12-month loans, no credit check loans, mobile text loans, personal loans, 1000 pound loans, student loans, small loans, business loans, and home improvement. Tell us your requirement, and we can start working on them right away. Wastage of time is not in our culture, and we offer lending decisions in just 10 minutes of your application submission.

We customise loan deals according to the individual circumstances of the people. It helps the borrower get reasonable and affordable offer interest rates and monthly instalments. We aim to provide simpler financial solutions, and cost plays a very important role in it. With an around-the-clock presence, things become convenient because you can borrow money any time of the day. Direct lending is all about simplifying the financial difficulties of the people.

How Do Our Quick And FlexibleLoans Work?

As you can read, quick and flexible are the two features we have it means at least these two features are certainly there. The loans are quick and plausible in approach. Now, if you talk about the steps of the application process, they are few and understandable

Three little steps and the application process is done.

  • Apply
  • Receive lending decision
  • Receive funds once approved

Do not worry about the third step of approval because our approval rate is already as high as 92%. It is the reason that we are able to provide guaranteed funds to our borrowers.

How Loans work

Competitive APR and rational way to deal with every borrower help us stand out from the rest of the market. We have applied flexibility wherever possible and required by the borrower. In the case of the repayment schedule, if the borrower wants to revise their repayment schedule or assign a new instalment date, it is fine for us. Both the facilities are available on all loans, whether it is the bad credit loans or the 12 month loans.

London Loans Bank

Who we are

LondonLoansBank is a direct lender that works as the disciple of the new age of FinTech lending that keeps the customers in focus. With simpler and speedy procedures, we keep our borrowers satisfied. Transparency is another trait that advanced lending reflects in our approach. No hidden fee, no upfront fee. Check your loan account on our website through an easy login.

A dedicated team of customer care executives assigned to the borrowers take care of their requirements. We believe in the concept of post-delivery services. It is the reason that even after approval and fund disbursement, we remain in your touch. Many customers have multiple questions during their tenure about the upcoming loan offers, payment holidays etc., and we always answer them.

Still Worried About Applying For A Loan? See How It Works!


The first step towards approving your funds is when you apply online by submitting your application.



After your application is submitted, we verify your credentials and take a quick decision on the basis of the information you have provided.



If your application gets approved, we instantly send you the required funds directly into your bank account.

Please do plenty of research before you apply at London Loans Bank and make sure that you have found the best loan to suit your requirements.

Ease Your Tough Situations With Us!


Complete Guidance

We are not just the loan provider, we also guide our borrowers to fix their financial issues with effective loan deals.


Dependable Lending

Your instant financial stability is our goal and we vow to provide you the same with acceptable lending norms.

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Safe & Secure

Your personal data is safe here and we promise that it will not be shared to any third party. Your trust is our biggest appreciation.

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