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Many students bank on part-time jobs to make money that includes but is not limited to babysitting, walking a dog, pet sitting, lawn making, and the like, but it is not a cinch to get a job on account of high competition. There are various food business ideas for students. As a student, you may have restrictions on working hours as well.

However, there are some students who are creative and skillful and want to do something different. Not following the crowd, they may start a food business. It may seem to be a joke to start a business at such a tender age, but you can do it if you have the skills.

The experience and knowledge you gain at such an age will help you grow in the long run. If you have an interest in the food industry, you can start your own business without worrying about initial capital. You do not need to open a restaurant in the beginning years of your career, as this industry offers multiple business opportunities.

You just need very little savings, and if they have fallen short, you can borrow money from your parents. If you have not come of age, your parents can take out bad credit business loans with guaranteed approval in the UK on your behalf.

Do proper research to know all formalities to be fulfilled. As interest rates vary from lender to lender, try to borrow money from a reputed online lender like LondonLoansBank.

Food Business ideas for Students that require little Investment

Here are the food business ideas that you can pursue as a student:

  • Catering Business

If you love cooking, a catering business can be the best bet. It will likely be lucrative if you have got clients for your business. Though it is a fully-fledged business that requires marketing, advertisement, and staff, you do not need to spend money on such things.

You do not need to run this business at a grand level as you are a student now. You will not be able to bear full-time business along with your studies. Approach schools to promote your business. They usually hold parties for students to have fun.

You can offer your catering service. You can easily manage your studies since you will be involved in this service only when your school wants to host a party. Your business will not put a lot of pressure on you.

  • Cake Seller

If you know how to prepare a cake, you can become a cake seller. Not only can you supply it to schools and educational institutes, but you can also supply it to event planners. If you have a workplace near your home, you can offer to supply your cakes when they host a party or celebration.

You may also learn to prepare cookies and muffins if you know cooking cake. These are must-have items for any party. A business of cookies, muffins and cakes can help earn a lot of money. Due to high competition, it can be daunting to take hold of the market.

You will have to be a bit inventive and creative and try to introduce new and unique tastes. If people find it different and scrumptious, they will automatically choose you over other well-known bakers. You will have to get involved in the preparations only when you get an order, so you can easily manage it with your studies.

  • Be a Homemade snacks seller

If you have the knowledge to invest in snacks with new tastes, you can earn a lot of money quickly by selling homemade snacks. You will have to talk to bakery stores if they get ready to sell your snacks. They will likely be prepared only when people like your snacks.

Note that you will have to buy preservatives, essence and taste enhancers. You will need chef-like skills to make snacks to bring around bakers to sell them at their stores. This business requires little investment.

If your savings are not enough, you can take out short term student loans. Of course, your parents will take out these loans on your behalf if you are under 18. Once your business takes off, you can have your own website and sell your snacks online. However, then you need to make arrangements for marketing and shipping.

  • Run a Food blog

Blogging is also a sort of a business. This online business will help you make money when it receives a lot of traffic. Running a blog is not expensive because you just need a domain name and a hosting platform.

You can easily pay for annual subscriptions from your savings. You must have sound knowledge of nutrition to create a blog. You can talk about various recipes as well. In fact, you can share a booklet of recipes on your website that your subscribers can access after paying nominal fees.

To make your blog engaging, you can also share videos to discuss healthy food options. Make your blog engaging so your users keep visiting. It is imperative to note that optimization is a must to attract an inordinate amount of traffic to users.

You will have to optimize it on social media platforms, so people get to know about your blog. Your blog will work if you are able to write on unique topics. Do research to see the market trends and the expectations of your target audience. If you update your blog with helpful posts, traffic will automatically increase, and it means you will attract lots of paid advertisements.

  • Create Cooking videos

If you are not interested in running a blog, you can create your own account on YouTube, where you can share countless videos on cooking different food items. You just have to pay nominal subscription to have an account on YouTube.

You will start making money as your viewers grow. You must have the skills to make videos. You will need software to edit them. Free software tools can edit your videos. To access advanced features, you will have to use paid software solutions.

Your savings may cover the cost. If not, borrow money from your parents. Before you start sharing cooking videos, you will have to check what kinds of videos are already uploaded on YouTube. If you target the same topics, your users will not watch them. Create new and unique cooking videos so people find something interesting, innovative and valuable.


There are various types of food business ideas for students. However, you will have to choose a business that you can run along with your studies. You should ensure your skills perfectly match your business.

All these businesses require little investment, so you can easily fund them with your savings. You can seek help from your parents if your savings cannot back you. They can also apply for a loan on your behalf if you need a lot of money. Take the help of your parents as well to make a decision about what will work for you in the long run.

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