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Taking out a personal loan can be intimidating because it does not work like cash loans. Since the amount s big, they are paid overtime, and as they are not subject to collateral, most of the lenders worry about your repaying capacity.

If you make a default, it will certainly affect your credit score, but it may not have your lender get their money back. At the time of signing off on your application, a lender will certainly look over your repaying capacity, so they do not bear any losses down the line.

Therefore, they involve a bit of paperwork contrary, unlike payday loans. Your lender will look at your bank statement for the previous three months, your budget for daily expenses and your financial stability to ensure that you do not struggle to pay back the debt on the due date.

However, there are scenarios when you may need to get instant approval for a personal loan. You can be caught unawares by emergencies at any time. Of course, it is not possible to wait for all formalities to be completed when a dark cloud is lurking over your head. Thanks to online lending, instant personal loans are available.

Common Situations when you may require Personal Loan Instantly

The following are the scenarios when you may need a personal loan fast:

  • Medical Emergency

No matter how fit you are, you may need medical care at any time. If you have an older member in your family, you will likely need medical assistance frequently. Medical emergencies can crop up at any time, and it may not be possible to keep your hair on that time. When your savings are not enough, you may be perturbed.

Even if you have medical insurance, the company will not cover the entire cost. For instance, if your car runs into another vehicle and you have got injured, you will need an immediate injection of cash to go under the knife.

If your savings do not have enough money, you will have to borrow money. In this scenario, you will need a personal loan instantly. Even if the lender has the policy of transferring funds the same day you apply for them, a credit run will be made.

Not all lenders entertain applications from poor credit borrowers. Therefore, you must know beforehand about the lenders that offer personal loans for bad credit in the UK. Knowing about them in advance will help you get the loan at better interest rates, and you do not have to struggle when you immediately need cash.

  • Your Office Vehicle is not up and Running

If your car breaks down and you do not have enough money to get it repaired, you will immediately need funds. It can be not easy to arrange money from friends and family, but online lenders will not let you down.

The borrowing amount depends on the repair cost. Sometimes you may get it repaired at a nominal cost. If you do not need a large amount of money, you can consider taking out 1,000 pound loans for bad credit.

If you need such a short amount of money, make sure that you will be able to pay off the debt on time. As the loan amount is not too big, some lenders may ask you to pay it back in a lump sum.

Before you apply for the loan, you must know whether the loan asks for a lump payment or instalment payments. It is advisable that you choose an instalment option as they are more affordable to manage. Paying each instalment weekly is always a better option than paying it in a lump sum.

You cannot do research about whether the lender has a lump sum repayment method or instalment method as you will need immediate funding. Therefore, you should have done this research in advance, so you apply to the lender that gets money back in instalments.

  • Your Outstanding Debts are Spiraling up

The best purpose of taking out a personal loan for bad credit in the UK is to consolidate your outstanding loans. It seems counterintuitive that how borrowing more money can help you get rid of debts, but the fact is consolidation will actually help you save a lot of interest payments on outstanding dues.

The concept of consolidation means merging all of your outstanding loans into a single large debt. The following table shows the number of debts you may have taken on:

Type of Debt

Outstanding Amount

Bad Credit Loan


Credit Card Bill


Payday Loan


Student Loan


Home Improvement Loan




You have a total outstanding debt is about £7,000. It can be difficult to make payments on time because the due date varies, and if you have already made a default, especially on a credit card bill, interest will keep accruing over time. Eventually, the debt will be much more than it.

Consolidation loans prevent you from falling into a debt spiral. You can take out a personal loan amounting to £7,000 to pay off all of your dues in one go. It means you do not have to pay off credit card bills, payday loans, etc., any longer.

However, now you will make payments toward the personal loan. It will be much more manageable as you are to pay down fixed monthly instalments. As you need a personal loan to consolidate current outstanding dues, you will want a quick approval.

Do proper research to know which lender is offering these loans at affordable interest rates. Further, your credit score must not be too bad to qualify for consolidation loans.

What if you cannot Qualify for a Personal Loan?

You may need money quickly during an emergency, but this is not always possible. There could be many factors that can keep you from qualifying for these loans. If they suspect your affordability, a reputed online lender will not let you take out a personal loan. If you cannot qualify for a personal loan due for any reason, you should consider the following alternatives:

  • Your Friends and Family

They are the best alternatives when your lenders cannot approve your application. In fact, they are the quickest sources compared to online lenders as you can contact them as immediately as possible, and they can lend you money without fear of interest payments.

  • Use your Credit Card

If you do not need a lot of money, a credit card can be the best alternative. You can avoid interest if you pay back the balance within the interest-free period. However, it is a good alternative when you do not have an outstanding credit card bill.

The Bottom Line

Personal loans can be used to fund emergencies as well as planned expenses. An online lender will be the best alternative if you need these loans instantly. However, you will still need to meet the eligibility criteria to qualify for these loans.

If you cannot get funds, use alternatives to meet your emergency expenses. Do proper research to ensure you are applying to a lender that does accept applications from bad credit borrowers. Knowing the accepted credit score range beforehand will be better as it will save your time and money.

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