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LondonLoansBank, a direct lender, was established in 2019. We are a team of qualified and experienced financial experts who always have one target in mind, i.e. to serve the financial purposes of each aspirant with bespoke loan offers. Our loan products and services differ from traditional lending institutions because we have not learnt to say ‘No’. Instead, we always say ‘Yes’ to each loan query we receive.

We have a wide range of loan products for personal and business purposes. Our motive is to provide quick funding assistance to those with severe financial concerns.

We have developed a virtual application process where everything is online, from lodging the application to fund disbursal. The process does not involve too many documents to submit, and obligations are also fewer. Generally, we approve loan applications within a few minutes, followed by a quick fund transfer.

We treat each application sincerely and have an excellent track record of maximum approval up to 98.5%. It is irrespective of any credit score and unemployment status of the applicants.

It does not matter whether you need funds for smaller financial goals or longer ones. Our purpose is to help you as soon as possible. Therefore, our borrowers usually say that we have everything for everyone.


We are here not for our marketing interests. Rather we belong to your financial progress and stability. In this modern era, everyone wants to be quick in getting something. We surely do not disappoint you because our fully digitalised lending system is there to help you quickly.

Our doctrine is:

You apply today, and you get the money today.

Apart from it, our mission comprises these objectives:-

  • Ensuring immediate financial assistance to every sort of borrower as a short-term and long-term solution
  • Support during critical financial times with the inclusion of the most competitive interest rates and affordable repayments
  • Keeping the loans on a flexible side so that everyone can have access to them and able to gain financial strength again


Here at LondonLoansBank, we provide a long series of loan products. Anyone with any credit score is eligible to avail of our loan product. The process involves only a few steps, and assistance will come straightway to their favour.

No Credit Check Loans

Loan Amount: £1000-£10000

Loan term: 12 – 60 Months

Guaranteed Loans

Loan Amount: £1000-£25000

Loan term: 12 – 60 Months

Home Improvement Loans

Loan Amount: £1000-£10000

Loan term: 12 – 60 Months

Small Loans

Loan Amount: £1000-£7000

Loan term: 12 – 60 Months

Business Loans

Loan Amount: £1000-£100000

Loan term: 12 – 84 Months

12 Month Loans

Loan Amount: £1000-£10000

Loan term: 03 – 12 Months

Personal Loans

Loan Amount: £1000-£25000

Loan term: 12 – 84 Months

Student Loans

Loan Amount: £1000-£5000

Loan term: 12 – 60 Months

Mobile Text Loans

Loan Amount: £1000-£5000

Loan term: 06 – 60 Months

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“When I have financial emergency, LondonLoansBank is always there to help me.” It is what our borrowers usually say about us. Such feedbacks describe our speciality as a responsible direct lender in the UK. We do not compete with mainstream lenders, but we are the perfect alternative for them. When they reject you, we are going to accept you.


3 features describe us the most:

  • Positivity: Even if you have a negative credit history, we take something positive from it. For instance, if you are doing well in your recent payments and on the verge of improving your credit scores, you get the nod from us.
  • Possibility: Promising guaranteed loan approval may not be possible for any lender. Still, we are different from others here. We work hard to ensure 100% guaranteed acceptance by making loans in flexibility mode.
  • Proximity: Whenever you explore search engines by typing ‘loans near me, you will find us. You can have our loans from anywhere in the United Kingdom. We provide loans in Northern Ireland too.


There is no restriction for anyone to avail of our loan offers. You only need to fulfil general eligibility conditions like age should be a minimum of 18 years, and you should be a permanent resident of the UK. Apart from that, you should earn full-time or part-time monthly income to show your loan affordability.

You can apply for our loans if you belong to any of these categories:-

  • Homeowner
  • Tenant
  • Student
  • Retired Person
  • Single Woman
  • Business aspirant
  • Self-employed
  • Unemployed
  • Employed
  • A person with bad credit
  • Person with CCJ
  • First-time Borrower


  • Safe & Secure Loan Process
  • Same Business day funding
  • Loans for Any Amount and Term
  • Lending all over the UK
  • Any purpose affordable loans
  • Privacy ensured of your personal data
  • Special deals for Bad Credit
  • Fewer Conditions & full Benefits

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