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Get relaxed with student loans and focus more on study

Is it difficult for you to manage study and regular expenses simultaneously? If yes, you are not alone, as many students face such issues. Still, you have a lone solution through student payday loans from a direct lender.

These are specialised financial products for educational seekers. The most significant part is that you can use these loans for study and living expenses. You can obtain these as short-term loans, but proving best during an urgent need of funds.

To get the most suitable offer, you should contact a Student Loans Company like LondonLoansBank. We have tailor-made deals on these loans offered on the loan affordability of the students.

What are student loans?

Student loans help undergraduate and postgraduate students to manage tuition fees and maintenance expenses. These are short-term offerings for national and international students. One can borrow £1000-£7000 for urgent purposes and the duration of 12-36 months. The borrower must pay back the money besides interest rates. The affordability and loan approval depends on the purpose of the loan.

For what can I use student loans?

The purpose of the credit depends on the education requirements. It breaks up into 2 categories:

In your university life, you could use these loans for the following purposes:

Tuition fee Maintenance expenses

These loans help bridge the minimal tuition fee gap. You can cover expenses like registration costs, supervision, and examination fee.

Once you apply and qualify, the University receives the amount. The terms to qualify to depend on the income capability.

Maintenance loans help cover living expenses. These include everything except tuition costs. For example, - stationary costs, transport, book buying, and rental.

You can receive the amount soon after applying. It acts as direct coordination between you and the lender. In this, too, you must repay the amount by the end of the agreement.

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Who can apply for student loans in the uk?

At LondonLoansBank, we ensure you grab an apt career direction with personalised loans. The circumstances may vary as a national and international student. As you are unique, so are our offerings. We cover a broader category to help one and all. If you find yourself in any of these financial situations, then start applying:

  • Native Students with a low part-time income
  • Single parents students
  • Postgraduate students with financial commitments
  • Learners with mobility issues
  • A student with a gap year

Can overseas students qualify for student loans in the uk?

Yes, students with valid visas can qualify for the loans. The course duration and stay must be at least 6 months on the visa. To qualify, you must have income proof either in the form of a grant, scholarship, or part-time income.

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Is my credit score important if i seek small student loans?

Yes, it is critical to have a credit score. It acts as a financial database of past credit management. The number of total debts defines short-term student loan approval chance. You can fetch better rates at the portal for an optimal credit profile.

What looks like an ideal profile in terms of small student loans?

Here are some parameters of an ideal credit profile:

Students must ensure a satisfactory credit score and check these parameters. You can qualify, even if you miss on some.

We understand maintaining a credit score as a student is a real challenge. That's why you can qualify for the smallest repayment proof with us. A learner's finances may fluctuate due to emergency expenses and going budget overboard. We undertake a more holistic approach to providing loans for students with bad credit.

What advantages do you have on student loans for bad credit?

Yes. An unappreciative credit score is a clear indication of unmanaged finances. With us, you need not worry. We provide short-term student loans to learners facing an extreme cash crunch. Both national and international students can apply for the same despite having a poor credit scores.

If you are a learner and landed here for financial help, you will not return disappointed. To figure out why to read ahead:

  • Extended loan term for students with low income

    Students with low part-time income struggle with meeting repayments. The extended loan term grants them greater flexibility in arranging funds. You can split the repayments into affordable halves.

  • Grant fund as per affordability

    You do not share the fear of defaulting on student loans for bad credit with us. We never provide funds exceeding your repayment capability. It grants you complete charge over the repayments. You can plan and pay easily with re-defined loan terms.

  • 2-payment holidays

    Students with a carefree lifestyle often forget about repayments. To cater to this, loan providers provide 2 payment holidays. If you skip meeting repayments twice a row, you do not have to accrue interest on it or pay.

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  • Better interest rates for overseas students

    Overseas students may benefit from bad credit student loans at the portal. Individuals facing income and credit constraints can qualify for better interest options here. You must ensure a valid visa and part-time income proof to get the amount.

  • Flexibility to pay dues after graduation/post-graduation

    These short-term loans help practitioners meet urgent requirements. Payback after graduation if you lack a practical repayment plan or roll over the dues. With us, it is possible.

    Be mindful that these small student loans have competitive interest rates.

    Delay ONLY if you face extreme financial issues like- delayed salaries, increments, job loss, etc. In case of serious financial problems, we revise the terms. It makes the loan affordable in unique circumstances.

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Can anyone applying for student loans get quick approval?

Yes, you may get instant student loans if you follow the practices listed below:

How to fetch affordable interest rates at the portal?

A reduced interest rate may help slash overall loan costs. We help them do so with our pocket-friendly student loan interest rates. Every student has unique financial capacities and circumstances. You can have affordable interest rates as per your condition at the portal.

For example, you must leverage the benefit if you qualify for a promising scholarship as a native or international student. Contact us immediately and refinance student loans. It is indeed useful in having manageable interest rates.

What actions you must take if you fall on student loan repayments?

Falling back on student loan repayments despite fetching low-interest rates is unfortunate. Do not worry. Take these actions immediately after you miss 2-payments in a row on student loans.

  • Analyse your financial state

    Identify your credit score, outgoings, and incomings. Check the difference. Evaluate the reason behind this huge pay gap.

  • Contact us the very moment

    If you can trace no tangible solution, contact LondonLoansBank. We help ensure calm with a detailed credit overview. The experts draw out a clear plan to assist you in solving your financial problems. Here, you can pick the term that aligns well with your financial situation. Split the payment into 3,5,7,9,12 months. Make sure to act early in this situation and call us.

  • Seek forbearance

    In forbearance, you can halt the payments for a certain period. You can leverage this as we provide the flexibility to pay the loan after graduation. But, it is of two types- general and mandatory.

    • If we believe you share a serious threat of defaulting on student loans, we grant forbearance on conditions you must follow.
    • In the case of general forbearance - Individuals sharing good income or temporary financial issues may call for a forbearance. In this, one may exercise flexible terms as per his circumstances.

Is having a guarantor mandatory to qualify for student loan?

No. It is not critical to ensure a guarantor on student loans. International students can apply anytime they encounter immediate requirements without one. We understand getting someone to back you while staying in a completely new country could be stressful.

You do not need to worry, as we provide student loans without a guarantor. It eliminates any need to bother your guardians to back the loan and the delay. If you can prove repayment capability and need small funds for up to £3000, apply and get it in your account within seconds.

You may improve your credit score with responsible payments if you earn a part-time income as a self-employed or a part-time worker. It is ideal for international students to build a credit score from scratch. Yes, international and native students may qualify for the loan without a guarantor.

We believe that every student must get a chance to explore their educational dreams. As student loans provider in the UK, we prioritise students' comfort. In case of constant rejection, you may land here for easy terms with 97% application approval. We consider every application regardless of credit issues.

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How can an international student build a credit score after landing in the UK?

Steps to build a credit score:

  • You may be eligible for only high-interest cards. Use them responsibly
  • Open a UK bank account
  • Pay bills timely
  • Explore employment opportunities as soon as you land in the UK
  • Do not apply for loans frequently

Who can apply for student loans?

If you are any of the following, apply:

  • Native undergraduate or postgraduate student
  • International graduate or post-graduate student
  • Self-employed

How does repayment work on Student loans?

The repayment generally begins after the course completion. It implies you can start paying towards the loan repayments after completing the 4-year loan term.

Does LondonLoansBank charge extras towards the loan?

No. We believe in ensuring a fair repayment policy with no hidden charges.

What is the eligibility for international students for student loans?

  • You must be a UK resident
  • Have a UK bank account
  • Accredited in a UK university
  • If you are an EU/EEA citizen, standard criteria may apply
  • If not an EU/EEA citizen, a guarantor is mandatory

Do student loans affect mortgage in the UK?

Student loans may not greatly impact your mortgage in the UK since these are short-term loans. A mortgage is a huge borrowing, and there is always a chance you must have enough savings to pay its monthly instalments or down payment.

However, a student loan may impact you if you do not repay it on time. Missing or late loan repayments always dent your credit score, which will not be good for your mortgage application or overall credit record.