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Secure Your Abode for the Future with a Home Improvement Loan

Our homes are the most important assets we have next to our families. Yes, they protect us not just on cold and rainy nights but also in the financial sense. The monetary value our home holds for us is quite unique and essential. We literally design our finance management partly influenced by our homes/real estate property.

Chances are this wonderful piece of asset that holds such a great value in our lives can run into troubles such as REPAIR or an EMERGENCY MAINTENANCE need.

Or you may simply want your HOME BE RENOVATED.

Turns out that a home improvement loan can help you better! A loan for home improvement is a personal loan or an unsecured loan meant for home extensions or renovations. You can use the loan for any project related to your home/real estate property (like your office).

Since, it is an unsecured loan. You get the following perks:

  • No Collateral
  • Multiple Use-Case Scenario of the Money
  • Flexible interest rates
  • No Brokers

A loan for home improvements is meant for more. Let us, the team of LondonLoansBank, help you with that.

Home Improvement Loans

Why is a Simple Loan for Home Improvement the Best Solution to Many Problems?

A direct lender loan for home improvement is the best because it is used for various reasons.

Home improvement loans are meant to give your home the kind of service. However, you might want to do a lot for your home, but you can’t make it happen in reality because your savings are sensitive. You can use a loan to go beyond these limitations and work your way out to finalise almost any home renovation or repair project you have in mind.

Here is why using this loan can make you get more for your home:

Borrow from 1000 to 10000 pounds

Take out money at the said range as a loan for home renovation or improvement. You can also borrow more if required.

Take Care of Emergencies

Do termites infest the roof? Is there a plumbing issue that needs to be fixed overnight? Stop worrying and take out a simple loan to manage this issue.

Increase the Resale Value of Your Home

To add more prices to the resale value of your home, you need to invest in it first. We can help you with that sort of investment.

Or Increase the Value of Your Home

Why does it always have to be repaired? You can also increase the value of your home by renovating it. We’re here to supply you with the money.

Prepare Your Home for Winter

It is time you think ahead and makes sure your home is not just renovated but also upgraded for Winter.

And Christmas, of Course…

It might be possible that you have plans for Christmas. Take out a loan from us to make sure those plans are retained.

How a Secured Loan and a Personal Home Improvement Loan are Different?

Well, there is a common misconception among people that home improvement loans and secured loans are the same things. However, they are not.

Secured Loans Secured Loans for Home Improvement
A secured loan is a loan you use to BUY A HOME or RESALE IT. In this process, the loan is taken out for a more extended cause. People also take out a secured loan to keep the home as collateral. It doesn’t always mean purchasing or selling a home/real estate property. A secured loan for home improvement means your home is considered collateral for the loan, but there is no selling or buying involved. You can fully possess your home until you repay us the loan amount at the right time and amount.

Perks of a Secured Loan for Home Improvement

To say frankly, you can consider a loan of this kind to bear these advantages:

  • It is a loan that comes in very low-interest rates.
  • Due to the presence of collateral, you might get the loan in no credit check.
  • You can borrow high amounts to make extensive renovations or repair works.
  • You might as well earn a fixed interest rate, which keeps your repayment terms organised (and you relaxed).

Now that you know all about it, it is time we offer you good information on these loans and how you can take out one of them.

Home Improvement Loans

Is a Loan for Home Improvement in Bad Credit Possible?

Possible! Here is how we make it happen.

A home improvement loan for bad credit isn’t your problem only. Thousands of other borrowers are seeking a loan in this situation. The good news is that we have made the process even linear for you.

  • We will run a soft credit check to understand your financial behaviour.
  • We will find out if you are earning at a stable rate. Your salary must be stable and continual to help us understand a debt-to-income ratio. We make these checks to find out IF YOU CAN REPAY THE LOAN AMOUNTS TO US COMFORTABLY WITHOUT COMPROMISING YOUR ESSENTIAL NEEDS AND LIFESTYLE.
  • We will also require your financial details and will go through your loan requirement. We can further contribute by advising you on the correct loan amount and repayment terms (only if required).
  • You might be suggested a secured loan for home improvement for a bad credit score. However, it is not mandatory that you have to take it.

If all these points are checked, personal and low-interest home improvement loans for bad credit are yours.

How about a Home Improvement Loan with No Credit Check?

Well, we are going to say ‘yes’ to that too! Feeling great, right? Here is how we make this possible.

  • What if you don’t use a credit card? Will you be denied a loan, then? Of course not! We will offer you a low-interest loan for home improvement without a credit check.
  • We might consider offering you a home improvement loan without a credit check if you borrow from us first.
  • We don’t even need to make a credit check when your credit score is good.
  • Again, if you have a good income that is stable with proof, then a loan with no credit check is impossible.

Wait! What about guarantors? Let us solve that for you too!!!

How Can I Get a No Guarantor Loan for Home Improvement?

We understand that a loan requirement for an individual and a guarantor may not always be present.

There might be other problems, such as:

  • Your relationship with the guarantor may not be supportive of loan terms
  • The guarantor might have financial trouble
  • The guarantor can run out of money in the middle of the loan terms
  • It will be pretty long to offer you a loan faster because verifying your and the guarantor’s financial details will take time

In summary, there will be complications if there is a guarantor involved. We’re not offending them, but we can offer you a loan for home improvement with no guarantor.

Almost like the bad credit loan process, we will check your financial statement to determine your loan affordability, i.e. if you can pay us the loan terms.

Why Home Improvement Financing with Us Is a Good Choice?

We are the direct lender who works with you to ensure all your home improvement financing needs are met and taken care of. We can promise that we will offer the best privileges in taking a loan out. We, as lenders, will also counsel you with the best use of the loan you get from our end.

If you are thinking why working with us might turn special, we would ask you to relax and know more about the cheap loans for home improvement we offer you.

  • You can apply for a loan because we have flexible interest rates. We will assess your income and develop an interest rate you will love.
  • You can apply here if you are elderly (even if you are above 62 years).
  • If required, you will also get a home improvement loan for bad credit. You can get the same sort of loan without a guarantor too.
  • Need a loan fast? Apply for it just by a mobile text.
  • A completely paperless application process has been appreciated by our borrowers to be easy but organised and, above all, fast!

Before saying more about the goodies of a home improvement loan, we would like to draw your attention to a fact you need to know.

Home Improvement Loans

Use a home improvement loan and do these projects with ease:

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What is the use case for a home improvement loan?

A home improvement loan is meant to improve your home. You can renovate, repair, or extend it if you want to with the help of a home improvement loan. You can let us know your loan requirements, and we will give you a quote directly.

How much can I borrow as a home improvement loan?

You can borrow from 1000 pounds to 10000 pounds and anywhere in between. However, if you have even more responsibilities with your home and need more money, let us know, and we can solve the problem together.

Am I allowed a home improvement without collateral?

You are allowed a loan for home renovation or improvement from us in both ways. You don't need collateral if you want to take out an unsecured personal loan for home improvement. However, you can get a secured loan for home improvement for other perks too.

I want a home improvement loan within a week. Is it possible?

We can offer you the home improvement loan quote within one business day. More than that, we are going to give you the guaranteed approval for home improvement loans within 10 minutes. Just apply with the paperless application process and send us your income details.

Am I going to get a loan for home repair if it is an emergency?

Yes, you will. We offer home improvement loans with guaranteed approval within 10 minutes and the disbursal of the money within one business day. We understand that many home improvement loans are taken out simply for repair or emergency projects. That is why you can get a loan of this kind quickly if we are lending it to you.