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You're always allowed a guaranteed payday loan with us

It is painful and worrisome (for a few people) to deal with a loan rejection. You are in need of quick money. Your research on loans, find a few of them out, apply for them and finally get a 'no' or 'loan denied' in return.

These circumstances can bring in more problems.

What if there is an emergency?

Here is where you may need a guaranteed loan. A loan of this kind is a special type of personal loan, where a thirdparty makes the loan ‘guaranteed’ for you. What it means is that you always get an acceptance with these loans. There are no such options for getting rejected.

Yes, loans belong to different terms and conditions, and not all loans can be made guaranteed because there are rules to that as well.

A guaranteed loan or a guaranteed payday loan is a loan you get only with the help of your financial terms. What it means is that you will get a 100% guaranteed acceptance on this loan if only you have a decent job and a stable one too.

You will repay us on the next payday (the day you get your salary). It doesn't mean you are asked to produce a large income statement. If a borrower can afford the loan by paying the instalments using part of their salary, then the loan gets to be 100% guaranteed and sanctioned for the borrower.

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We at LondonLoansBank, make direct lender loans with guaranteed acceptance easier.

Read more to find out.

Why are direct lender loans with guaranteed approval more advantageous?

These loans have a high-acceptance rate because of one single reason.

Getting guaranteed approval for a loan from direct lenders means you are lucky. It is because this loan is offered to borrowers even in hostile conditions.

Some problems in a borrower's financial profile might hinder getting a loan. But a guaranteed loan is not going to do that. If you apply for this loan from us, you're getting it even if you got rejected otherwise.

Here is why a loan is considered advantageous:

You Can Get a guaranteed payday loan with bad credit or no credit check. You are allowed personal loans with 100% guaranteed acceptance, even in issues like CCJ.
Getting a loan with guaranteed approval is possible for the unemployed as well. You don’t need a guarantor to take out a guaranteed acceptance loan.

And how do we make a guaranteed loan possible even if you have unemployment or bad credit problems?

Well, we are just going to look at your income statement and calculate the earnings with your loan requirement. We are not biased on income type. If you are earning - in any possible way - and your income scheme is STABLE ENOUGH to repay the loans, we will ignore other complications and make a personal loan, guaranteed with direct lender authentication.

We accept all sorts of income, including:

We not only make a guaranteed loan possible but also special.

The next point can explain to you that.

How real are guaranteed loans for bad credit in the uk?

They are real.

In fact, you will find them interesting if you take them out from us as well. A poor credit score is an issue. It makes you pay more money. You cannot be frugal in that sense.

Because of this low credit score, we have often rejected loans for bad credit scores. In times of emergency, we cannot take immediate steps to verify a credit score and all the other formalities associated with it.

With guaranteed approval for a personal bad credit loan, the borrower is saved from such matters, and they are given the money immediately.

You might think why a poor credit score isn't a problem with us.

Well, the reasons are:

  • We will check your income statement and loan affordability based solely on your earnings. It means that we need to see you are comfortable in paying the instalments in time using your income and that you are comfortable doing so without hampering your lifestyle.
  • Your bad credit score will be taken for a soft credit check, which means we will keep a track record of it to retain your financial data. It is not going to influence the lending process.
  • Good news is our guaranteed loan for bad credit in the UK is one of those options that you can rely on in case of not affect your credit rating. In fact, you can repay the loan in time and get to see an improvement in your credit score.

We are not into these loans to help you with finance. If you have bigger projects in mind, then we have your back. You can easily get guaranteed approval for business credit loans for bad credit from us.

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But is there a way to get a loan without a credit check?

How we make guaranteed approval loans with no credit check possible?

Often, it turns out that borrowers have some serious issues with their credit cards and score.

  • You might have lost it
  • Or you don’t use one
  • You can be a student who is not yet a credit card holder

Well, to tell you the truth, there is no reason for you to get disappointed with guaranteed approval loans with no credit check when we are lending you.

We can look at your income, consider the loan affordability and debt-to-income ratio, and evaluate your loan requirement (amount and type) with your financial status. If your earnings are suitable for comfortable loan repayments, we will lend you, and we can promise you that.

For the loan affordability part, you can trust our flexible loan terms.

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Here is when you can get a guaranteed loan with no credit check from us:

If you are a first-time borrower If you’re not a credit card holder
If your credit card is lost or stolen If you have irrecoverable conditions regarding your credit card

What if I am unemployed and I need a guaranteed loan?

As mentioned earlier, we can lend you a guaranteed loan even if you suffer from certain issues, including unemployment.

It is difficult to pay for emergency needs and essential matters when you have lost a job or haven't got any. It feels painful to pay bills and keep up with the costs every day.

It is even more difficult to find good work within a fortnight. You need to buy some time to get another work. To buy that time, you'll need money.

We can give it to you, and yes, we are speaking in the way of a guaranteed loan for the unemployed.

We can offer you the loan under the following conditions:

  • If you promise us to repay the money in a set period of time
  • If you can show us the documents, e.g. your appointment letter or business statement for the start-up, which show clear financial gains for helping you repay the loan
  • If you have lost a job but are into jobs such as freelancing or part-time jobs
  • If you don’t have a job but earn benefits

When money is concerned for a person who got unemployed, know that we'll find a way for you to give you the loan.

It might be possible that you are unemployed and suffer a bad credit score.

You can look at our guaranteed no credit check loans also.

Is there a need for a guarantor in a guaranteed payday loan in the uk?

No, you don't.

Direct lending may require you to get a guarantor for taking a loan out, particularly if your credit score is low or you suffer a low financial income.

But do you know that bringing in a guarantor does bring cons with the pros you are looking at?

  • The involvement of a guarantor means extra time spent verifying the guarantor’s financial documents.
  • The relationship between you and the guarantor may have some disturbance in meantime.
  • The guarantor may suffer financial complications, too, such as a bad credit score.
  • There might be problems in the middle of the loan terms due to financial crises and many more.

Why would you take all these worries on your back? We offer you a guaranteed loan with no guarantor online,

You can save time as no financial verification and formalities are coming from the side of a guarantor.

You can also keep a stable relationship with your loved ones or with the enterprises you are associated with because you are not turning them into a guarantor for you.

How can I get guaranteed loan on the same day?

You will always have a smooth application process whether you apply for short-term loan or a bad credit loan on guaranteed approval despite no guarantor is there. Fulfil only a few requirements, such as:

Step 1: go to the application form

You can visit our paperless online application form by clicking ‘Get a Quote’ or by clicking this link: to reach the application form and find the details.

  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Mobile No
  • Email ID
  • Postcode
  • Loan Amount
Check Your Affordability

Step 2: Produce Your Income Details for Verification

Once you have applied for the loan, send us the following income statements for verification

  • Your appointment letter
  • Your experience letter
  • Revenue and Sales Evidence (for Businesses)
  • Your ID proof
  • Your paychecks
  • Valid bank statement

We will give you the guaranteed approval to verify these documents within minutes.

Step 3: Loan Disbursal

When these formalities are done, you will get the guaranteed loan on the same day disbursed in the bank account you shared with us.

Hope to work with you soon!

Wait! can londonloansbank make guaranteed loans any better?

We prefer serving our clients with immediate financial aid as money is something which makes problems go away in an instant.

We know how 'quick money' can work for you in tough situation. Our company aimed at that very particular service. We put customers before anything and know the real value of lending money.

We have a good reputation in the UK market for our sincerity in our work and the instant service we have for our clients.

Here are a few perks you can get along with guaranteed approval for payday loans from us:

  • You get the loan as quickly as you want it
  • You get 100% guaranteed approval for all the loans you apply with us
  • We are going to offer you flexible repayment terms to make affording the loan easier for you
  • You can repay us early if need be
  • Bad credit? Not a problem for a guaranteed payday loan from us
  • You can save more money if you checked our seasonal offers

Well, be it a long or short-term guaranteed loan from us, you get the bespoke offer for your financial stability.

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Is it possible for me to take out guaranteed loans with bad credit?

Our site will guarantee your loans when we consider your income statement. If we find that to be completely fine in repaying the loan amounts, a bad credit loan is guaranteed approval is possible for you.

I don’t want to involve a guarantor. Can I still get a guaranteed loan?

We don't mandate a guarantor for a simple guaranteed approval loan. So, we will say 'yes' to your query. Show us your income statements and credit scores. We will estimate your financial behaviour and validate the guaranteed loan approval once we find you can repay yourself.

What if I need a guaranteed loan for emergencies?

We can help you in this regard. A guaranteed loan is the kind of lending option we have designed for you in order to help you with emergency needs. It is because the loans are already attributed as guaranteed based on your income. So, if you need a loan for an emergency, you can take out a loan of this kind.

I want a loan with guaranteed approval with no credit check. How can I get it?

You need to show us your correct financial statement, income and paychecks. We are going to determine whether you are fit to repay us the loan comfortably. If everything goes positively with the calculation, we can guarantee a guaranteed loan with no credit check.

Is there any strict restriction on a guaranteed approval loan?

No, a guaranteed approval loan is simply a personal loan. It is an advantageous loan process as the money is already guaranteed for you when you apply. Your income statement and stability are enough for a guaranteed loan from us. Kindly check the eligibility section to know more.