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Get relief from money worries with an easy 1000 pound loan

Termite-infested roof?

Late college fees?

Investment blockages?

Huge medical charges?

Equipment financing?

No purchase decisions?

Can’t help a friend or family?

These are problems that HAVE BEEN. These are problem that ARE.

Yes, you don’t want to read this, but: THESE ARE PROBLEMS THAT WILL BE.

While the solution is cash money, we can sometimes EARN IT BY A LOAN. Why so? It’s because a loan is QUICK, FLEXIBLE AND ACTUALLY AFFORDABLE.

1000 Pound loans for Bad Credit

Such a loan is what you call the short-term 1000 pound loan. It is a lending option available from direct lenders in an unsecured way. Therefore, you DO NOT NEED COLLATERAL, and you can pay the money off within 12 MONTHS only.

Added to that, you are given the perk of using the money just the way you want.

Why would you make a decision to take out a £1000 loan with no guarantor today, ignoring those other options?

Time to find out!!!

Are loans for 1000 pounds similar to payday loans?

People often get confused between the different options when it comes to small loans. We responsibly offer 1000-pound loans as a direct lender, but many of our loan aspirants think these are similar to payday loans.

Ours are specialised loans where one can get a useful amount of £1000 comparatively longer than the payday ones. Moreover, getting payday loans for 1000 pounds may not be possible as most lenders offer them up to £500 or £700.

Pound 1000 loans Payday loans
The loan term is between 3 Months and 12 Months Usually last for one month only
Repayments in weekly or monthly instalments You need to repay the entire amount on your next salary day
Competitive Interest Rates Higher Interest Rates
Ideal for both financial emergencies and small needs Helpful during financial urgency only

Why you should choose 1000 pound loans during an emergency?

Well, our borrowers have proved it. Now, it is your turn to discover it.We’ll help you.

Most 1000 pound loans in the UK are short-term small loans lending options, which are considered one of the most preferred loans among Brits. We can share some facts.

Considering a loan like this as a 12 month payday loans, we found that almost 3 million Brits take it out in a year on average.

Of course, it is popular!

But let us, the house of LondonLoansBank, make it even clearer for you.

A loan of this kind is approved and disbursed in the fastest way possible. Stay safe from any hidden or upfront charges as these are direct lender loans. Use the loan in a personal way to fund multiple projects (without collateral).
You can get a £1000 loan with no guarantors involved. You are offered flexible repayment plans and interest rates. Yes, you are provided with a £1000 loan for a bad credit score. We won’t reject you.

What can I do if I borrow a £1000 loan from a direct lender?

Well, you are getting all the direct lender facilities if you borrow a loan of this kind. However, the question may arise with the application of the loan.

These loans come in many use case scenarios and can be the ONE solution to MULTIPLE problems.If you really want to make this loan be used in the most effective sense, then you may check out what’s written below:

  • Fund a medical emergency

    Borrow £1000 from us right now to pay your medical bills if it is an emergency.

    Finalise an emergency procedure like surgery by getting a loan approval within 10 minutes. You can repay us later. First, take care of your responsibilities.

  • Pay for other emergencies

    Medical emergencies aren’t the only problems you have in life.

    You can also be stuck in a difficult financial circumstance when you are suffering other emergencies, such as fixing a termite-infested roof, which can present FATAL consequences.

    Be it a broken HVAC system or a pending tax payment, and a quick £1000 loan can make things easier.

  • Don’t miss a limited period offer anymore!

    A direct lender loan in authentic ways can make your payment decisions conclude. A loan of this amount can finalise most of your purchase decisions. In this way, you are not going to miss any limited period offer and can make the best of a productive investment.

  • Lend a helping hand (because we’re lending you money at the first place)

    Do you want to help your nearest ones? Did some of them lose their jobs, or are emergency costs involved?

    We offer you a fund disbursement by a day…WITHIN ONE SINGLE DAY.

    Send that money to your nearest one, and you both are relaxed.

  • Make any investment decision

    We are limited in everything.

    But, who knows? Maybe a direct lender£1000 loan in the UK is going to break the shackles and help you finalise important funding such as business equipment financing or finalising the purchase of a gaming PC.

    You see that a loan of this kind is worth it. However, is it the same for bad credit?

    Let’s find that out too!

Can a £1000 bad credit loan be yours without hassles?

When it is LondonLoansBank, the answer is yes.

We know that countless people with poor credit scores apply for loans, and it is frustrating when the loan is denied or rejected.

We NULLIFY THE CHANCES OF LOAN REJECTION for a low credit score with the help of YOUR INCOME. If there is proven loan affordability and we are convinced of the proper repayments from your end, we are ready to offer 1000-pound loans for bad credit people.

These will be short-term loans and available with no collateral to pledge. Interest rates will be competitive, and you can easily manage monthly instalments from your steady income.

You’ll get a bad credit loan for 1000 pounds if you are:

  • Earning at the present moment
  • Displaying a sound financial behaviour
  • And comfortable in paying the monthly instalments
  • Living on benefits/ allowances
  • Experiencing unemployment but is likely to be employed soon

Once these criteria are met, you will be given a loan for £1000 with poor credit score.

1000 Pound loans for Bad Credit

What if I want a £1000 loan with no credit check?

We would say a ‘yes’ to that too.

Dear borrowers, it is highly possible that the present circumstance is not in your favour for taking out a bad credit loan.

Or it may be highly possible that you don’t even need a poor credit loan.

Let us explain!

You are eligible for a no credit check £1000 loan(hence no need for a bad credit loan) when:

  • You don’t use a credit card/ you’re not a credit card owner.
  • You are taking out a loan from us for the first time.
  • You have very poor credit score but a good salary, which nullifies the credit check process (lenders make a soft credit check to take records, but that doesn’t hamper lending).
  • You have a comparatively good credit score

We always encourage our buyers to get in touch with us about this information. If you communicate, then we will be able to help you out in the best ways possible.

Any other doubts?Maybe one.

Well, scroll down to clear it.

1000 Pound loans for Bad Credit

Apply for a £1000 loan right now in these easy steps!

During a financial emergency, you want the simplest procedure to apply for a 1000-pound loan in the UK. At LondonLoansBank, you can apply for the same loan through a straightforward online process, i.e. online.

Get ready with your laptop or phone and follow these simple steps mentioned below:

Step 1: go to the application form

Simply click @ to reach the super easy and super simple online application form to fill in the following details:

  • Name
  • DOB
  • Email ID
  • Phone No.
  • Postcode
  • Loan Amount

And then?

Well, it’s the next step.

Step 2: get the documents ready

While we check your details, you can get ready with your documents, which we’ll require for approving you the loan.

You might need these things:

  • Electoral role and Utility Bill (for ID Proof)
  • Your Permanent Address
  • Offer letter and Experience Letter from Your Employer as Income Statement
  • Business Revenue and Sales Statements in case you are an Entrepreneur
  • Documents on Benefits or Allowances (if you receive any and are taking out the loan against them)
  • Bank Statement

As mentioned earlier, you will get a £1000 Loan for bad credit, too, when your income is stable enough to help you make the instalment payments comfortably.

Well, that is about step 2. Step 3 is going to make you happy.

Step 3: check the loan approval and disbursal

Time for that relief!

We are going to offer you a loan approval within a few minutes after checking your documents.You would get the funds disbursed on the same day (within 24 hours).

Check your bank account and notify us if there’s any issue.

A parting thought! do i get a £1000 loan alternative?

We will not deprive you in this case as well.

It might be possible that you need an alternative for a quick 1000 pound Loan for specific reasons.

  • You might need a longer term.
  • Or you can be in the requirement of a loan for the unemployed.
  • Or there might be other reasons.

Well, check out these other loans we have for you below:


Well, write to us or have a word with us anytime @

Why would I choose to borrow 1000 pounds from londonloansbank?

Well, there are obvious reasons:

We have been helping many borrowers as online direct lenders for many years. Our company has been awarded the reputation of a reliable lender, thanks to one of our special service-oriented goals, and that is:


We put customers’ requirements before anything else…even ourselves. We cater to provide the quickest lending solution to borrowers.
We specialise in paperless money transfer so that the lending process becomes not only fast but also simple. With VERY HIGH Approval rates and flexible loan terms, we made ourselves one of the favourable lenders in the UK to the borrowers.

Want to get a 1000-pound loan from us right now?

Apply Now


Will it take a lot of time to get an approval for a 1000 pound loan for bad credit?

The short answer to that is ‘no’. We want your income to qualify the debt-to-income ratio so that we find you can comfortably pay us instalments as loan terms. This process is already done in the verification process, so we can tell that you won’t have a ‘lengthy’ approval time to get this loan in bad credit.

I don’t use a credit card. Am I eligible for a No credit check loan for 1000 pounds?

Of course, you are! You can get a simple £1000 loan with no credit check with direct lender facilities even if you do not have a credit card/ you are not a credit card owner. Show us your income statement, and if we find it stable enough to bear instalments, you are getting the fund disbursal within a day.

Is it true that a 1000 pound bad credit loan with no guarantor exists?

From us, it does. We offer these loans in an unsecured way. So, we are not asking for collateral from you as well for the absence of a guarantor. You don’t need to grab a guarantor just because you have a bad credit score. The loan is yours if your earnings are secure and you can make loan instalments.

What is the loan repayment term for a 1000 pound loan?

We are offering a full year or 12 months as the loan repayment term for this loan. It is a short-term loan if this term is considered. However, you can check out alternative loans or simply talk to us for variable loan terms.

Can I borrow £1000 if I am on benefits?

Sure you can. Benefits or allowances are a form of income, and if that income suits loan repayment terms in instalments, you will surely get the loan. Please share your valid documents with us, and we will quickly send you the approval and the money.