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12 Month Loans with Easy Repayment Set-Up

Are you searching for loans that allow you to repay flexibly? Repayment is indeed a critical concern for you at the time of borrowing. Choosing an easy-to-repay loan would be wise when untimed financial problems surround you. 12 month loans can help you tackle your financial plight.

LondonLoansBank has made this special arrangement so that you can borrow worry-free. These loans come with a repayment plan that is spread over a period. You have no obligation to repay in full and in one go.

What is so exclusive about 12 month loans?
Compulsion free borrowing
Assurance of 98.7% successful approval
Promise of support throughout the process
Apply with few clicks on the mouse
Easy access to approved loans

We understand how frustrating it might feel when life throws a curve ball on you. With our loans, you can actually think of getting financial help with minor adjustments in the repayment plan. We know how blessed you would feel to get such an opportunity that can eliminate two problems from your life at the same time.

In fact, you will get relief from the burden you have been carrying for so long. These loans facilitate you to borrow for unexpected needs and repay using an extended plan. You will get ample time to make it to the repayment of loans.

What is it like Getting 12 Month Loans from a Direct Lender?

You get that right if you assume these loans are financing options with an expandable term. With these loans, you need not hesitate with your repaying capacity. You can pay back in instalments distributed over a period and after regular intervals.

Loan repayment becomes manageable when you obtain 12 month loans from a direct lender like us. The range set for the borrowing amount is also suitable to suffice the needs of any shape. In short, getting these loans to meet some petty requirements is not at all a bad idea.

A complete representation of “how we work”:

Guaranteed 12 Month Loans
Metrics of Comparison LondonLoansBank Our Speciality
Borrowing range £1000 to £10000 No upfront fees
Likelihood of approval Better than others High acceptance rate
Repayment duration 3 to 12 months Manageable terms
Mode of application Online Zero documentation
Compulsion of a lump-sum payment Not at all Repay at ease

Our main intention is to provide a flexible repayment environment. It would help the borrower to release the stress and think rationally about finances. Here, you can easily spot the main dissimilarities between mainstream lenders and us.

We don’t want to function like them and ignore loan requests of troubled borrowers like you. 12 month loans will be able to help if you testify to be a responsible borrower by sticking to the term as selected by you.

You are free from the obligation of paying back in a single time. Make the most out of the instalment facility and repay in a relaxed way.

What Features Can I Expect with 12 Month Payday Loans?

There are instances in life when you would need the support of a loan to sail through. With normal financing options, you cannot expect to get a repayment tenure extended to match your capacity. But it can happen if you apply for 12 month payday loans with direct lenders like us.

A comparison has been drawn to help you determine the main difference between our loan offerings and traditional payday loans.

12 month loans Payday loans
These loans let you repay for 12 months These loans need you to repay within a maximum of 3 months
You can avail comparatively larger amount You can borrow only for a short-term purpose
You can pay back conveniently You must repay with the next pay check
Interest rates can be compared Interest rates remain on the slightly higher side

Now, you know why these loans can be a superior choice for you. It should be enough to clear any confusion that you might have about our loan services and the traditional loan concept.

We would like to shed light on the salient features that define the nature of our lending process. These are as follows:

  • Unique fee structure

    You can obtain 12 month payday loans with no broker involvement. We are direct lenders, and thus we don’t charge any fees from borrowers like you. Moreover, we help you form an idea about the loan price by offering you free quotes. Rest assured, experience no sudden fees.

  • Speed of processing

    We don’t consider holding your request too long. We have kept swift processes in place. After a few minutes of waiting, you can expect to get a reply from our end. Above all, we make sure to deliver loans as early as possible once approval is confirmed.

  • 2-minutes application

    With us, forget about filling out the hard copy of the application. We give you access to an online form. Just complete it with relevant information and send it back to us. Save time by applying online right now with us!

  • Unsecured nature of loans

    We have again relieved you from the additional stress of collateral. It seems like an obligation as you will have to give up possession of your assets. Keep your assets safe while making applications for 12 month loans.

  • Easy-to-compare rates

    Apart from the instalment facility, we make it a point to help you pick rates based on comparability. Our LondonLoansBank website offers an arrangement wherein you can weigh your options carefully. It will help you get rates that are pocket friendly for you.

What Can I Use Small 12 Month Loans for?

Any unplanned financial outgoing can be handled by achieving 12 month payday loans from direct lenders. This easy to obtain loans aim at minimising your financial problems. You can contemplate utilising these loans for different types of occasions like:

  • Tackling pressing and unforeseen needs
  • Meeting past debts by consolidating
  • Continuing with treatment expenses
  • Sponsor travel plans
  • Paying off educational bills etc

Are 12 Month Loans Suitable for People with Bad Credit?

Yes, these loans are equally effective for people who are suffering due to bad credit tags. For us, confirming your financial capability through affordability assessment is a priority. If your current financial profile seems convincing, we will not have any problem with your bad credit scores.

12 month loans are a great option for bad credit people as it requires no guarantor. In order to take advantage of some unexpected traits of loans, you don’t have to feel reluctant to be a poor creditor.

Is it Beneficial to Get 12 Month Loans with No Credit Check?

The main reason behind providing such a loan option is to allow borrowers to pay back over a long period. Unlike other short-term loans, you don’t have to stick to a brief repayment term. It allows the cost to get distributed throughout the term so that your monthly budget does not feel any impact.

We don’t want you to decide if you should borrow 12 month loans with no credit check from direct lenders with no guarantor based on just one reason. We don’t even prioritise the guarantor factor while approving loans to borrowers like you.

We have put other valid reasons in place to help you make a well-informed decision.

  • Soft search on credit history

    Hard checks blemish your credit history. For this reason, you hesitate to apply for loans many times. We have removed this obligation for you. We just conducted a soft search to validate your affordability.

  • Instant payout

    As a borrower, you will definitely wish to get money without further delay. 12 month loans are available with a same-day payout facility.

  • Provision for unemployed

    We don’t focus on offering loan services to a selected portion of the borrowers. We look forward to making our services accessible to anyone. For this reason, 12 month loans have been made available for the unemployed by direct lenders like us.

Relish Easy Repayment with 12 Month Instalment Loans!

We follow a structured format when it comes to offering repayment options to our borrowers. As the name suggests, 12 month loans offered with no credit check and by direct lenders require no guarantor to be repaid within a flexible duration. The repayment plan gets fixed before you round out the application.

With us, you get the opportunity to repay in any of the three ways:

  • Weekly
  • Fortnightly
  • Monthly

It means you can repay every week, after every 15 days and even within a month also. It will also depend on the actual length of the repayment term. As it will be a pre-decided schedule, it enables you to discern how you should plan for the repayment.

You can reap the benefits of a stretchable repayment period in the case of 12 month loans. The best things are it:

Portions of the interest

The interest rates are spread over the entire term. You need to pay off some amount of it every month. The interest payment has been broken down to make things easy for you.

Allows prior arrangement

By applying, you give consent to stick to the amount and repayment term. On the other side, it lets you prepare finances in advance so that you can repay without any hassle.

Why Should I Contact LondonLoansBank for Loans?

Getting loans from direct lenders like us is a different experience. You can overcome the setbacks of traditional borrowing by applying with us. Here are a few points to help you make an affirmation about our services:

  • Easy approachability
  • Reliability
  • Transparency in terms and conditions
  • Practical pricing policy
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How can I qualify for 12 month loans?

You will be considered eligible to apply for loans if:

  • You have a valid bank account
  • Your age is 18+
  • You have a valid proof of residency
  • You earn well to support your needs

What are the steps of the application procedure?

You can entirely leave aside the documentation part while applying with us. It is because you just have to:

  • Open the online form
  • Feed in details
  • Review the form
  • Submit it successfully

Is it possible for me to approach you with any queries?

Yes, we have our team equipped to address any of your queries. You can reach out to us 24x7. Share your queries, and we will get back to you as early as possible.

How can I know if rates are within my budget?

You will get to see different types of offers. You will have customised offers also. For that, just compare the rates and select the loan amount and term accordingly.

Can pre-payment adversely affect my finances?

No, it is not true. In fact, repaying early will let you revive financially. Besides, no additional fees will be charged by us.